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What To Wear On A Long Haul Flight: Tips For A Long Flight

When traveling, comfort is of utmost importance, and it plays a huge part in your wardrobe choices for long-haul flights. However, creating the right balance between style and comfort will do the trick. I will be outlining some important tips for a long flight and what to wear when on a long-haul flight. 

Long-haul flights are not the funniest things in the world, and you can make your life easier by making sure you are comfortable. You can do some things that I talk about below to help you be as comfortable as possible.

Flying long haul for your vacation can be unsettling because it involves traveling across different time zones, sitting for long hours, and experiencing harsh cabin temperatures. Anyone who says long-haul flights are glamorous is lying; it can make you feel uncomfortable, jet-lagged, and lethargic.

A few years ago, I took my first international flight from Africa to Asia; the flight was long and exhausting, even with the stopover in Dubai. Also, my recent international flight from Africa to the USA was even longer. With the help of my dressing, I felt comfortable compared to my first long flight. 

According to experts, wearing the right clothes and footwear can help your body manage significantly the strains of flying long-haul flight. Besides figuring out what you’re going to do to occupy yourself for 12 plus hours in the air, choosing your ‘plane’ outfit can be tricky.

The goal is to be comfortable, creating the right balance between style and comfort will do the trick. Surviving long flights is no easy but you can do it with the right tips.

Below are the tips for a long flight and what to wear on a long haul flight. 

Jackets and cardigans

Jackets and cardigans are essential for long-haul flights. They can create warmth, and at the same time, be stylish for both men and women.

Light cardigan and a cozy knit to give you the option to take them on and off as the cabin temperate varies. The long jackets are a better option, and they can be worn over loose-fit t-shirts, tank tops, or bodysuits. 

Comfortability on a long flight is very important, and a cool jacket for yourself on the flight or at the airport will make your journey easy. The plane and airport terminal temperature can be extremely cold overnight, and you need that extra clothing to protect you from extreme temperatures.

Waiting time for a connecting flight at the airport can be exhausting and tiring, so good and comfortable jackets and cardigans will save the day. 


Scarves can be of multipurpose use on long-haul flights. They can be used as a deterrent against cold, as a fashionable piece, and can be folded into a pillow when you need to take a power nap on any of the airport terminal seats. 

A scarf in transit not only helps you with layering but can be used as a blanket, bunched up into a pillow, or even to shield you from cabin light if you are trying to sleep during cabin service. I had a log waiting connecting flight from Singapore to Germany, and my scarf was my blanket for the hours I had to wait.


T-shirts can be comfortable and stylish for long-haul flights. It is common to see many people layering up with t-shirts and jackets over them for warmth, comfort, and style.

Loose-fitting t-shirts will do just fine, and it gives you the option to take them on and off as the cabin temperate varies. Wear the right clothes on a long-haul flight, and your comfort is guaranteed. This is one of the Tips for a long flight.


Joggers are a travel essential for most airline passengers of today. During a flight, Joggers are comfortable enough to let you sit for long hours and help you maneuver through airport terminals without a glitch.

They are the best pants for flights because they are as comfortable as sweatpants but look more stylish and refine. They are semi-fitted, slimming, and stylish without being too tight.


During a long flight, thick socks or compression socks will feel comfortable and give your feet and ankles the space to swell.  After sitting for long hours, you may be prone to getting deep vein thrombosis, caused by blood clots forming in the legs’ veins.

Its symptoms include swollen feet, redness, and heaviness of the feet. Compression or thick socks will protect your feet against this and other germs. Also, Your feet may get cold, which is not fun, so a pair of warm fluffy socks will help prevent the cold. 

Flats and sneakers

Wearing comfortable footwear like flat shoes and sneakers is a good option for long-haul flights. It is important to note that the feet may swell due to sitting in one position for long, so good footwear can help protect the feet and prevent swelling.

Getting your shoes right on a long-haul flight is so, so important. Any form of heels is completely impractical for flying, so don’t even bother.

Take fold-able flat shoes (that you can store in a zip lock bag to keep your other bits and pieces from getting dirty) or pack a pair of slippers to wear onboard. Flat footwear is also important as it was easy to remove at the security check.

Backpacks and carry-ons

The essential factor when choosing a carry-on travel backpack is its size. Your carry-on bag is an important part of your wardrobe, and it should be lightweight and large enough to carry everything from your boarding pass/passports to your smartphone, headphones, sunglasses, hand creams, and so on.

It keeps you organized and helps to sort through airport and airline procedures easily.

The bag should have enough room to bring everything you need. The biggest potential hassle with carry-on backpacks is taking them through security. It would be best to have a bag designed to help you move through the security line quickly and efficiently.

I hope these tips for a long flight help you and make it easy on your next trip.  Have fun traveling around the world. 

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  1. These are great tips! We are thinking of traveling to Hawaii for a family vacation this summer which will be the kids’ first long haul.

  2. Great tips! We have taken many long flights over the years and I agree 100% with having sneakers or jogging shoes…function trumps fashion when it comes to long flights!

      1. Great tips! I fly long haul every year and over the years have also done exactly what you have outlined for the most comfortable trip! Highly recommend it to everyone ✌️

  3. Great tips! I love your suggestion to bring a scarf. I always keep one in my carryon to help with changing temperatures on the airplane.

      1. I’m flying to Manila from Dublin at the end of the month so thank you for the tips. I’ve flown long flights several times and one tip I feel like should be emphasised is to wear Vans or any slip on shoes and pack fluffy/warm socks.

  4. I haven’t embarked on a long haul flight as of yet, but thank you for the tips. I will surely put them into practice once I do!

      1. I haven’t had the opportunity to travel by a plane, a train or even a boat for that matter. These tips are definitely useful for when my fiance and I travel to our future destinations.

  5. Such great ideas for long-haul flights! Being comfortable for longer flights is the only way to go! 🙂


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