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19 Top Online Transcription Jobs That Will Earn You Extra Money

Transcription Jobs
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Getting the right online job can be something of a hassle. While you want to select an opportunity that pays you more, you also want to ensure it is something you are passionate about and can do excellently. 

Are you good with typing? Do you have good listening and concentration skills? Are you good at remembering and taking notes? Maybe it’s time for you to become a transcriptionist.

Getting a transcription job online can be pretty easy, especially with the abovementioned skills—many sites offer transcribing opportunities and pay well for it. Sometimes, you don’t even need to have previous experience in the field, but most sites will probably require you to pass their test before offering you the job.

Transcription jobs are quite sensitive because sometimes, you have to transcribe medical and legal documents, so you must validate your skills.


Who is a transcriptionist?

A transcriptionist converts audio or video files to text formats in the same or different languages. For example, you might be asked to convert an English audio file to a Spanish text.

You have to listen well and accurately type to avoid mistakes.

How much does a transcriber make?

You can earn as much as $15 an hour or even more as a transcriber. It depends on your skill, experience, and the platform/brand where you work.

If you are just starting as a transcriptionist, your hourly pay may not be up to $10 and can be as low as $5 per hour.

And the advantage of having a transcribing job is that you can learn on the go.

transcription jobs at home
Photo by Faizur Rehman on Unsplash

Who can work as a transcriptionist?

Anyone can work as a transcriptionist. However, there are more advantages for people with a high attention span, who are not easily distracted, can work in any environment, meet deadlines, type fast, and have good listening skills.

A transcriptionist is a significant job and might require converting highly sensitive content. If you are going into this, you must bring your best game; some platforms will even need you to take tests to determine your skill level.

Pros and Cons of being a transcriptionist


  • You can work from home and earn a sustainable income while increasing your skill and experience.
  • If you work on freelancing sites like Fiverr or Freelancer, you can set your rates and build your network of clients.
  • Flexible working hours because you only take on what you can at your leisure.


  • Transcribing can be a monotonous side hustle, especially when dealing with abstract content that differs from your area of interest.
  • Most platforms pay below what your work is worth for people with low skills. Some can even disregard your skill and have a standard rate they use consistently.
  • It is easy to get frustrated when dealing with low-quality or scrambled audio or video files where you must constantly repeat until you clearly understand what you hear or see.
  • There might be a lot of pressure on you to meet up with deadlines. You might take more than you can handle in a quest to earn more.

Want to Earn extra money today?

Top online transcription jobs

Here is my best list of transcription jobs to try out if you are thinking of earning from home:

  1. GoTranscript

GoTranscript is a transcription company that offers all transcription services from audio, text, video, captioning, and translation. To work for them, you must create your profile on the website, fill out a form and wait for the approval. If you are approved, you get access to several listing opportunities.

They do not require much; you get a chance to be employed with good English proficiency and the ability to type fast.

  1. TranscribeMe

This company allows entry-level transcription skills and uses Workhub to showcase available listings for users to select the ones they can do. Payment varies between $15 and $20 per audio hour and is made via PayPal.

You need to pass their training program before you get employed.

  1. Rev

After passing the application process and their test, you can select your projects from the available projects. Pay range starts from as low as $0.40 audio per minute.

  1. AccuTran Global

AccuTran Global is a transcription company that offers all kinds of transcription services to a wide range of clients from almost all industries. The pay is about $0.004 to $0.0055 per word, and they offer beginner-level and experienced transcription jobs.

  1. CastingWords

This agency offers transcription services in any industry and charges per audio or video minute. Still, these prices vary depending on how short a timeline each project is.

Projects with short timelines generally pay more than the ones with long timelines.

  1. Speechpad

On Speechpad, you can choose your projects and get paid up to $2 per audio hour. Sometimes, the pay can be as low as $0.4 per audio hour, depending on the difficulty of the audio files and the timeline. You need to pass a typing and grammar test to qualify.

  1. GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription offers general transcription jobs, translation, and transcription from other fields, including medical transcription. Applicants are required to pass an initial test, and upon approval, you will need to complete at least an hour of audio translation per day.

  1. Scribie

Scribie allows transcribers to make up to $10-$15 per hour and offers both manual and online transcription jobs. All you need is a solid understanding of English and typing skills; a transcription test is also part of their application process.

  1. Transcription Outsourcing LLC

This company offers transcription jobs in medical, legal, and law enforcement, and the pay is based on your work field. You can also earn more when you work on projects with short deadlines.

For example, you get more pay if you take up a project with a 24-hour deadline compared to a project with a 2-week deadline. 

The requirement for registering with Transcription Outsourcing is to be of legal age and a resident of the United States of America. You get paid twice a month via direct deposit or through PayPal.

  1. Quicktate

Quicktate is a transcription and calls auditing company that offers audio transcription services and call services from different fields such as medical and legal. You can submit your application through their website or apps and wait for the approval.

  1. Tigerfish

Application with Tigerfish involves a transcription skill test and requires applicants to be proficient with the Express Scribe software. Payment is per line and ranges from $0.03 – $0.04 per line.

  1. Way With Words

If you want to make more money on Way With Words, you should sign up for projects with a quick turnaround time because they pay more than regular projects. Also, you must pass their transcription skill test before getting access to available job offers.

  1. Transcription Hub

Transcription Hub rates each user with bronze, gold, or silver ratings based on previously completed work. Payment can vary from $0.71 per audio minute.

  1. Ubiqus

Ubiqus is a transcription website that pays you to transcribe medical, legal, and business content. The average pay is around $1 per 170 words. The website can hire you as a full-time transcriptionist with added benefits, but you can also get paid as a part-time transcriptionist.

You must have experience in transcription or any related fields before getting employed.

  1. Daily Transcription
Daily Transcription

Daily Transcription offers you work flexibility by letting you sign up for a specific time, and you get work only at that time. You also get to work with a lot of clients from several industries. Payment is between $0.75 – $0.85 per audio or video minute.

  1. 3Play Media

On 3PlayMedia, you get paid per project through direct deposit or check. You need to pass the proficiency tests before your application gets approved. You can get paid between $10 – $20 per hour.

  1. CrowdSurf

To work with CrowdSurf, you must pass their assessment test and have an Amazon MTurk account. Payment rates are undisclosed.

  1. Babbletype

Transcription jobs on this site are basically for market research with an average pay of about $12. Transcription on Babbletype also involves Pure speech, which captures pauses between speech. You need to pass the transcription skill test before being employed.

  1. Pioneer Transcription

Offering both general and legal transcription services, you get paid $1 per audio or video minute through PayPal. However, they require each applicant to have a foot pedal and pass their application test.

Necessary skills to be a transcriptionist

  • Typing 

Typing skills are a must for any transcriptionist. You need to have above-average typing skills to finish your tasks on time.

  • Language proficiency

This skill is an added advantage, but if you can understand and type in other languages apart from English, it will help you land jobs that might even pay more than English transcribing.

  • Tech-savvy

A little above basic computer knowledge is good enough. Be proficient in using apps like Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and transcription software.

  • Good hearing

Every transcriptionist needs to have good hearing skills. You can always practice if you notice that it is something you lack.

  • Concentration skills

Your ability to concentrate needs to be top-notch. If you are someone with a low attention span, it might take you longer to finish a single transcribing task. Also, work on it by practicing with YouTube videos and timing yourself.

  • Ability to meet deadlines

You must be able to work under pressure and meet up with deadlines. Clients will rehire you only when satisfied with your service, primarily if you work as a freelancer.

  • Certifications

Try to get certified through high-value websites and highly rated courses as well. The pay for transcribing is hugely dependent on your skill and experience.

Transcription jobs
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Equipment needed to be a transcriptionist

  • Headphones

They help you to hear your recordings more clearly. Wireless headphones are good, and you can also try out some Bluetooth earpieces that are currently trending.

  • Foot pedal

This equipment is entirely optional but pretty convenient. A foot pedal allows you to control your recording with your feet while you are listening. You can pause, replay, fast forward, rewind, and do whatever else you need to do to listen appropriately and transcribe better.

  • High-speed Internet

Low-speed internet can be frustrating, especially when you cannot download your files. You need to be able to download files of whatever size and also send your files back after working on them.

  • Transcription software

If you have access to some transcription software, do not hesitate to use it. It will make your work much easier and faster.

  • Amazon MTurk 

Amazon MTurk is optional and usually on request, but some companies will ask you to download specific apps like Amazon MTurk to help you access audio files.

Tips for working as a transcriptionist

  • Keep learning on the job, and keep improving your skills.
  • Be accurate and put quality as a priority. It can get you a loyal client.
  • Always check for requirements before accepting a job offer.
  • Have a good work habit and communicate it to your clients.
  • Market yourself on several social media platforms. You can even have a website.
  • Verify websites before accepting job offers. Some might be fake, and you’ll end up doing free jobs.
  • Have a different bank account and email address for notifications and payments.

The payment for most transcription jobs varies with experience and the difficulty level of the tasks assigned to you. But, the standard rate is okay for a side hustle. To become a full-time transcriptionist, you should improve your skills and get certification from a recognized organization.

You can do transcription jobs remotely, set your standard rates, and work according to your schedule. Some sites will even give you tasks related to your interest, which lets you work as a transcriptionist while keeping in touch with your career.

Do you think you have what it takes to become a transcriptionist? I hope this blog post helped you conclude.


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