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How to Treat and Prevent Diaper Rash on Babies

Diaper Rash on Babies are rashes that appear in the baby diaper area. Diaper rash mostly happens to infants and toddlers under the age of 2-year-old; this is the period when babies are sitting for a long period of time with a wet and dirty diaper. The skin under the diaper gets red from irritants such as feces, urine, or cleaning agents. As a mother, we all at some point see diaper rash on babies. 

A diaper rash on newborns can be irritating and makes the baby uncomfortable. Diaper rash can hit on any baby at any time, but you can easily get rid of it or prevent it as a mother. Many things can trigger or cause diaper rash in a baby, from new food to wet diapers.

If your child’s skin is susceptible, expect a diaper rash once you change either cream or use a different diaper. Diaper Rash on babies is expected due to the tenderness and sensitivity of their skin.

How to prevent diaper rash

The most important way to prevent and treat a rash is to keep your baby’s diaper dry and clean. Diaper rash is not always preventable, and most babies and small children will experience it at least once, but the parent can help prevent it from happening always. 

Here are a few tricks I used with my son when dealing with diaper rash

Stick to one diaper brand

Baby cannot do with diapers since they are little and cannot say anything when they want to poop or pee. So parent uses diaper so that kids won’t miss them self-up. In other to avoid diaper rash, stick to one particular brand of diaper.

Changing diaper brands frequently can cause diaper rash. If you are using Huggies, stick to Huggies; if you are using Pampers, stick to Pampers. If you are using any other brand of diapers, stick to it. Do not use one brand today and use another brand tomorrow. Frequent change of diaper brand can cause diaper rash.


Always moisturize the baby diaper area with diaper rash cream when you notice a rash in every diaper change. The wetness from urine and poop is one of the main causes of diaper rash in babies. Apply any moisturizing cream in the diaper area before putting the diaper on your little one, which helps heal and prevent diaper rash. It also helps in creating a protective barrier.

Always use protecting diaper ointment to create a good barrier between the baby’s skin and diaper. I personally recommend Vaseline (Petroleum jelly) or Aquaphor healing ointment as these are my best moisturizing cream. I love these two products because it works really easy to apply and use.

It helps to protect for a long period of time. It is affordable, universal, and can fit into a diaper bag because of the different sizes. 

Always air dry baby diaper area before applying moisture or putting baby diaper. You can you the diaper to air-dry by fanning the baby diaper area with it.

Change diaper often

Always change the baby’s diaper when you notice that the baby is wet or soiled. Change baby diapers often enough to keep baby clean at all times. A child left in a wet or soiled diaper for too long is more likely to develop a diaper rash.

Keep your child clean and dry by changing his diaper frequently, as a dry bottom is the best defense against diaper rash. That may mean getting him up at night for a diaper change.

Clean your child’s diaper area thoroughly with each diaper change using a soft cloth or a water squirt from a bottle.  Scrubbing this area of the body or rubbing it dry can further irritate the rash and damage the sensitive skin; gentle cleaning is the best. 

Allowing diaper area to breath

When an infant has a diaper rash, ensuring that they spend some time with no diaper or bottoms can help the area dry out and heal.

Always avoid putting infants in tight, synthetic, or rubber bottoms while they have diaper rash to increase that rash to stay more.

Dress the baby in a loose bottom made of 100 percent cotton can help keep the rash dry, allow the skin to breathe, and easily make diaper rash go away. 

Most diaper rash cases clear up over time when parents use the remedies given above but if the issue persists after 6 days, consult your doctor. 

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