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How to Make Money using Facebook ($100 per day) – The Ultimate Guide

There is more to Facebook than sending messages to friends, family, and loved ones. You can make a living online if you understand how to make money using Facebook. If you know the various ways you can make money with Facebook, you can be paying your bills without looking for a corporate job from companies. The most exciting part of this is that you can make money on Facebook for free, inside the comfort of your home without necessarily having to go out for an 8 to 9 job. You can how to make money on Facebook by and use it as a side hustle.

There is no social media platform currently with the largest users in the world like Facebook. As of June 2017, Facebook alone had over 2 billion monthly active users registered on their platform. It is estimated that Facebook has remained one of the strongest, active, and useful social media platforms in the world between then and now. Millions of people have come to make money on Facebook for free, and you too can be part of it.

In this article, you will discover how to make at least $100 per day easily with the best strategy that has been provided.

Who Can Make Money with Facebook?

Making money with Facebook is for everyone; no particular individual is exempted from making money on Facebook. The only thing you need is to persist, don’t lose focus, and keep on trying. A lot of people tend to give up, especially when their first trial does not work. That is a huge mistake. Winners never quit.

The set of people Who Can Make Money with Facebook includes a work-from-home mum, school students, lecturers, religious organizations, the employed and unemployed, business owners, and many others. You will get to see many ways listed below on how to make money using Facebook, and I am confidents that the same strategy I used in generating my first $100 per day will help you do the same.

What Can You Sell on Facebook?

Facebook has been so gracious to provide a place to earn money from doing their internet business. There are free sections you can be advertising your products and services without paying Facebook a penny to do so. Such places are the Facebook marketplace, Facebook groups, pages, and your Facebook account timeline.

You can sell so many things online with Facebook. Whatever you have for sale, you can quickly sell it and make money through Facebook. Facebook only permits you to sell something that is not prohibited. People use Facebook to sell their used cars, used items, local items, software, ebooks, and advertise and brand their business.

If you are running a free Facebook marketing system, you must; build your Facebook page likes, grow your Facebook group members, and post to as many Facebook groups as you can.

Grow Your Facebook friends:

The current number of friends on your Facebook cannot exceed 5000 friends (max). If you have a few Facebook friends, when it comes to how to make money online with Facebook, you will be left behind.

Friends you should build should be those who have an interest in you or what you are offering. Keep posting from time to time. There will be friends of friends who will have an interest add you up. A lot of them are afraid of you at the start, keep doing it and keep sharing testimonials they will start buying from you.

More patronage is equal to more money. Always sell or offer what works if you must make more money online with Facebook.

Create And Grow Your Facebook Page Likes:

Many people on Facebook follow active pages, that is, pages that have something to offer them. Facebook pages that give value tend to grow faster. It would help if you grow your Facebook page audience daily. Once you have a huge fan base, you can sell anything to them. Sure there are going to be people interested in every offer. Don’t expect everyone will patronize you. You are selling to people who need it.

Create your Facebook page and start working on it by getting people to like your page. Facebook page creation is simple and straightforward. It can be completed within 10 minutes.

How to Create Facebook Page

Don’t know how to create a Facebook page, then see the guide below:

  •         Step #1: Log in to your Facebook account via
  •         Step #2: Select Pages from the left menu.
  •         Step #3: Select Create New Page from the menu.
  •         Step #4: Enter the company or organization name
  •         Step #5: Provide/select a category that best describes your business.
  •         Step #6: Add a description for your business or organization
  •         Step #7: Select Create Page.
  •         That’s all you need to do.

That’s all you need to do.

Create And Grow Your Facebook Group Member:

When it comes to what you can sell on Facebook, the Facebook group should also be your best companion. Creating and growing a Facebook group is not difficult. Once you have created the group with the relevant name, start adding friends into the group. If you offer valuable content, your added friends will also add their friends to the group; within some weeks, you will be amazed at the number of group members you have built.

You can appoint an admin to post or check posts by members before they can be approved on the group when you’re busy. This is done to keep all spam posts out.

How to make money using Facebook

You might be wondering how people make money from Facebook; making money on Facebook has never been difficult. There is no certificate required in other to make money on Facebook. All you have to do is to be focus and patient if you must get the desired result.

How to Create a Facebook Group

Don’t know how to create a Facebook group, then see the guide below:

There are two methods of creating a Facebook group: by either using your personal profile or your Facebook page.

Account Creation with Facebook Profile.

  •         Step #1: Go to or if you already have an account Visit instead
  •         Step #2: Click “Create New Group”
  •         Step #3: Add a Group Name
  •         Step #4: Choose your Privacy setting
  •         Step #5: Choose your Visibility setting
  •         Step #6: Select Friends to add to your new group
  •         Step #7: Click “Create”

That’s all you need to do.

Account Creation with your Facebook Page.

  •         Step #1: Turn on the “Groups” tab in your page settings
  •         Step #2: Go to the Groups tab and click “Create Group”
  •         Step #3: Complete the “Create Group” popup form

That’s all you need to do.

How to Make Money with Facebook

There are so many ways of making money online with Facebook. We have listed out 9 ways to make money using Facebook.

The most straightforward strategy to adopt is to build an audience through Facebook pages or groups. If you don’t have an audience, you will be unable to advertise your business, products, and services to them. If you have a Facebook page or group with zero membership on it, making money online using Facebook will be defeated.

Here is an analysis of how you can monetize on Facebook and make your first $100. The first thing is to build followers on your Facebook page and get more likes. As the page likes increase, you have many chances of making money. You can also promote your content directly to them or running paid Facebook ads to drive sales for your products or services.

Below are 9 ways you can make money with Facebook.

1.     Build a following or list / Build Your Audience First

The most used method adopted by internet marketers to make money on Facebook is building a following. Whatever you do, your target is to make money from your audience at the end of the day. To achieve this, you create a list of people to pitch products; you need to generate leads or send sponsored content.

Build your list of subscribers. Get their email address and phone numbers so you can be sending them offers. The more members on your list, the more money you will make.

If you have a large audience on Facebook, it could be 200k followers or 150k Facebook group members or more. Create email autoresponders with Aweber, mail chimp, etc. Send the link to your audience whenever you have offered.

To make it juicier for them, offer them some lead magnet from time to time. It could be informed of free eBooks, free offers. This is to build more trust around your business. What is more important is their emails; once you have been able to get it, you can be sending them offers from time to time.

By building an email list of subscribers, you can make $500 daily if you have been able to sell your products or service of $5 to just 100 people out of the 200k followers or group members you have. Within the space of one month’s, you should be making noting less than $15,000.

Some of the products, services, or guides you can easily sell fast include; weight loss, make money online guide, web developments, affiliate marketing, etc.

Do you necessarily need to have your own product before you can start making money with Facebook? The answer is no! You can always sell affiliate products and earn your commission for every sale made.

2.     Selling Items in the Facebook Marketplace or a Facebook Buy and Sell Group

The Facebook marketplace will give you the liberty of selling whatever you have to people who needs it. Join as many buy and sale groups on Facebook. Many of them may ask some questions from you before they can accept you; many others are free. Join as many Facebook groups as possible while waiting for approval. It usually takes a day to one week, unless there is a problem with the group.

Buy and sale groups will allow you to display your adverts with a systematic automated pricing system. The prices tag you give appears very professional, and people can click and request your offers. You can earn money online with Facebook by selling on Marketplace.

3.     Promote your content/display ads/ Facebook Sales Funnel

Do you always ask yourself how to make money using Facebook? Any Facebook user can advertise their content, which is monetized with display ads or affiliate products. The central idea is to use Facebook to generate traffic to either your website or blog, YouTube, affiliate links so you could make a sale at the end of the day. Promoting your content is how to make money on Facebook.

Bloggers have been able to get richer by the day by promoting content to their audience. They tend to make lots of money from their websites through various display ads like Google AdSense earning program. All you need is to create helpful content, give your audience a snippet of what it’s about and drop a link to the article on your website. The more visitors you get from your Facebook page or group, the more money you earn with the help of Facebook traffic.

4.     Affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing? How can you make money with Facebook through affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is promoting or advertising products owned by people or companies to earn a commission. Earnings come for every product someone’s (customer) buys through an affiliate link placed on your website.

Your Facebook account, page, or group is a great place to make passive income if you can utilize it very well. Many people have problems that need solutions. Some have health challenges such as stroke, diabetes, weight loss.

You can help solve some of the problems of your audience through affiliate products. It could be in the form of an eBook or a health supplement. State and explain the functions of the products you recommend to them and convince them to buy.

If you are convincing enough, you will have many orders. Usually, affiliate products pay from 10% upward.

5.     Promote sponsored content

A lot of companies are looking for where to promote their business and make more returns on investments. If you have grown your Facebook page or group and you have a large number of followers. Companies/brands will indeed approach you, strike a business deal to advertise on your group or pages for a fee. You stand a chance of making a lot of money from that.

It could be a link placed to their e-commerce store: Eg, shoes, cosmetics, clothes, gadgets, and general electronics. Sure they will always give some discounts. If you have established an excellent reputation on your page or group, people will also trust the sponsored post you share.

A company like Izea allows you to connect with major brands interested and ready to advertise their products and services to your audience.

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6.     Advertise for companies

Before you build and grow a Facebook page or group, you must, first of all, decide on the type of audience you want to focus your attention on. You should not be a Jackie at all. If you are a Jack, you might not get the best out of it. You might end up struggling for too long than expected.

If its focus was on local events, entertainment, and fun, you can target local events or a specific niche. You will attract companies and business owners in your locality who will be interested in advertising their business with you.

Some might not know you exist until you reach out to them. Sometimes move out and do your physical marketing or send them an email. Show them some proof and explain why they should advertise on your page or group. Let them see what they stand to gain when they advertise their business with you. You could advertise to a company and earn up to $1000+ weekly or monthly.

7.     Facebook Groups in your niche

These days Facebook group tends to have much interaction than Facebook pages. This is so because the Facebook group is best for building a community around a specific topic or discussion. People could easily write and publish on the group with the supervision of the group administrator.

Let assume your niche is a health niche. People will always have challenges. Whenever there are common challenges and difficult ones, write an article that will solve such a problem and share the link from your website with the group. You will get thousand of visits within few hours. If you have, Google AdSense, PropellerAds revenue program, etc., on your website or blog, you will make a lot of money from your Facebook audience.

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8.     Facebook Pages

When it comes to generating leads and running Facebook-sponsored ads, all you need is a Facebook page. The leads (emails) you collect from your audience while offering them an offer will be used to send them reminders about new and existing offers once you have been able to collect their details like email and phone numbers. You will send them to a customized squeeze page or landing page.

On your landing page is where they will need to be convinced about an offer. Your landing page should be very professional and enticing. Provide testimonials and give them discounts on your offers.

If you cannot write a good sales copy, you can hire an excellent copywriter to handle that for you. Platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork are some of the best places you can get a freelancer to manage your job. The main aim for how to make money on Facebook should be achieved.

Click to signup for Fiverr

9.     Become a Social Media Manager

Another way on how to make money from Facebook is to become a social media manager. Becoming a social media manager is not a difficult task; you can be handling companies’ Facebook pages and groups. Some companies are looking for professionals who can help them grow their businesses.

Look out for companies in your niches that you are good at and contacts them. You must be able to devote time, handle the company task and group their fan base also.

You’re going to become the virtual company assistance; you will be entitled to respond to messages and reach out to those companies on their behalf.

How to make money from Facebook is not rocket science but a possibility.

Caution: Anybody can make money with Facebook but you must apply some caution. So many spammers will promise you the whole world on Facebook, and at the end of the day, nothing works out. Facebook scammers and spammers could dupe you, so you need to be very careful of those who come to your inbox or drop comments on your post.

Facebook does not allow the promotion of Firearms and other ammunition, illicit drugs, gambling products, unauthorized health products, etc.

Conclusion: Make money using Facebook ($100 per day)

Inside the above article on how to make money using Facebook, I have listed the various Ways You Can Make Money with Facebook without struggling or investing so much.. The most outstanding methods to consider are Facebook page growing and Facebook group building for email marketing through a collection of leads. These collected emails should be followed up with offers on a landing page with a good sales copy.

Once you are committed, have patience and focus on what you are doing, you can make at least $100 per day from Facebook. Making money on Facebook is easy only if you follow the best strategy provided in this article.

Let me know how helpful this article has been in the comment section.

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