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17 Best Things to Sell at School to Make Money Easily

Making money at a school can be a great way of boosting your income. Most of the time, there is less competition in the educational environment, but there is a lot of demand.  There are a lot of things to sell at school to make money easily. You can make extra cash or even make it a side hustle. All you have to do it, look for items that are in demand and go for them.

Students like to buy somewhat different things depending on the school and the state in which it is located. The most popular items differ between the youngest kids and those in high schools. A strong understanding of children’s needs and being an open person with whom others can readily communicate are the basis for selling at school. The best things to sell at school to make money are items that the students need always.

During the academic year, you have several opportunities to market and make money easily. As a result, in this article, we’ve prepared a list of the best things to sell at school to make money quickly.

Disclaimer: Getting permission to sell on campus and learning about the local school regulations are essential steps before moving forward. Make sure you comply with their rules and are not in violation of them.

Let’s get started!

What are easy ways to make money at school?

The easy way to make money in school is to sell stuff in school. doing this can earn you some extra income and you can do it in middle school, high school, or college campus. All you have to do is look for the best things to sell at school and you can make some money.

What is the most profitable thing to sell?

This depends on the types of things you can make or afford. There are thousands of things to sell at school to make a profit. It ranges from toys, candies, food, printed items, and so on. The best thing to do is consider low-cost products with a high-profit margin.

Top Best Unique Things to Sell at School to make money

Here is the list of things that will inspire the most excitement to the students. However, you must ensure that you sell well at your school because not all children enjoy it; some may enjoy it while others do not. The things sell should be those that children in school buy and require the most frequently.

1. School Supplies, Stationery, and Other Things

There are some necessities that children overlook yet require the most. Most students in every school will occasionally want a pen, paper, pencil, and a range of other tools from time to time to study for low-cost items. So, you should think about selling these school supplies, stationery, and other things to make money easily. Pencils, pens, highlighters, staplers, paper, notebooks, folders, erasers, and other office supplies are in great demand. The best time to sell them is right before examinations and tests.

Handmade Snacks 

Home-made snacks are some of the best things to sell at school. You can prepare various cakes, pastries, and snacks at home, in your oven, or other appliances, and then sell them in the kitchen. Small pizzas, cookies, cupcakes, sliced cakes, mini tacos, toasts, and a variety of other foods are perfect for school sales. Although having a microwave at school will be beneficial, someone can eat many of these foods fresh.

Small Toys and Gadgets

Small Toys and Gadgets
Small Toys and Gadgets

Small gadgets, popular products, fascinating toys, and various other amazing little things are all favorites among children. Cables for charging phones, fidget spinners, and other devices are examples of such goods, which are very popular on the Internet and in social media these days.

Soda, Coffee, and Energy Drinks

Drinks are one of the most specific items to offer at school—something to wash down their snacks and lunches. Because energy drinks, soda, and coffee have a lengthy shelf life, if you don’t sell them one day, you can sell them in the next few days and weeks.

Sell Attractive Stickers


Selling attractive stickers is another great way to make money at school. It is one of the simplest things to sell at school because it takes up little space and can be sold at nearly any time and place. The majority of the students in the class will have all of the required school materials, but many will desire something more distinctive, such as laptop stickers or music band stickers.

Furthermore, large multi-packs of stickers can be found for a low price if you look around. Then you can split them into sheets and sell them for $1.00 each. Given the number of stickers they will receive, the purchaser will believe the value is relatively high. Stickers, in general, are an easy sell.

Chocolate Bars

Chocolate bars are one of the most profitable and cool things you can sell at any school. Also, they are tiny, and you can acquire a few dozen or more and then sell them in parts, making a profit of $1 or more for every piece sold.


Chips are one of the best things to sell at school

Chips are a favorite of all youngsters. Many students like purchasing a bag of chips during their school breaks. Small chip bags are the most profitable to sell since youngsters often do not have much money and find it easier to purchase a smaller quantity. Consequently, smaller packages are also more straightforward for salespeople to take to a school than more extensive packages.


Candies are perhaps the most popular option. Find the candy that everyone is seeking if you want to make a lot of money at school. Many children enjoy Sour Patch Kids or Starburst candy. Also, these are good options for the vendor because they won’t melt over the day. When working with chocolate, be aware that melting may result in losing some of your product.

Baked Delights

If you have a wonderful cookie or banana bread recipe, you can make a lot of money selling it at school. For example, while you may assume that children will desire sweets, others may be delighted to get a freshly baked product instead.

Choose something that will keep its shape in your bag and does not require refrigeration. The nice thing about baked goods is that if you had an intense sales day, you could continue baking when you get home for the night.

Cup Noodles

Cup noodles are some of the things to sell at school. If you can arrange for hot water to throw cup noodles into, they can be a massive hit at any school. Cup noodles are delicious, and students of all ages are hungry. If one student observes another eating hot, tasty, and beautifully fragrant cup noodles, a crowd of students will inevitably approach, all eager to purchase them.

Girls’ Sanitary Pads

Yes, it might be a fantastic business concept, but gaining the girls’ confidence takes caution and sensitivity. Many school-aged girls desire pads but are embarrassed to purchase them, forget to get them, or refuse to ask their parents to buy them. It’s a highly profitable business in certain schools.

Sell Printed T-Shirts or Hoodies

Sell printed t-shirts or hoodies with the school logo or any lovely slogan that students will love wearing. T-shirts or clothing that reflect the school’s enthusiasm can sell well. Before printing t-shirts, talk to your friends about how you want your t-shirts and clothing to look and choose the best design and pattern. T-shirts and hoodies are inexpensive to produce, and you can purchase them online or find a print shop closer to school.


Sandwiches as one of the best things to sell at school

Sandwiches are a trendy and widely marketed item in schools. To make your sandwiches stand out, don’t forget to pay attention to how they’re presented. For example, wrap each sandwich in its bag with a napkin, a bag of salt, toothpicks, and mints. It will make your product unique, and you can be sure that students will prefer yours over the store-bought version even if they are already being offered at your school.

Sell Print Pictures of Students and Polaroid Pictures

Nowadays, students love taking pictures, such as selfies. However, most of them do not print these photographs since it is inconvenient and they do not want to. However, having a photo printed with their best friends from school, or images of the best games and tales from their school years, is a beautiful touch for them.


Despite popular belief, most students who enjoy reading prefer to hold a book in their hands rather than read on a tablet. Bookmarks are an excellent way to make money since they are easy to produce and allow you to be creative. Thin wood bookmarks are unique and will sell well if you are skilled at carpentry.


Jelly beans are a favorite among students of all ages. Jelly beans, particularly sour ones, are very popular. You could buy small packages that were sold in promotions; it would be easier to sell these.

Ice Cream

Ice cream is one of the cool things to sell at school. It’s no secret how much kids love ice cream! It’s guaranteed that profits will be high during the summer months since it’s hot. 

Things to Consider When Selling at School

  • Do not sell the things you enjoy, sell what youngsters want – pay attention to what students would like to buy. If you can observe, you’ll figure out what to sell at the school to make money easily.
  • Hot temperatures can cause chocolates and bars to dissolve; be aware of this, as melted chocolates and bars will be more challenging to sell.
  • If you don’t handle brittle bars, cookies, or chips gently and sell them quickly, they can shatter or crumble. This is why it is recommended to select non-crumbling items or to store them in a protective box.
  • Beginnings are usually challenging. Your business may not be profitable at first. It will take some time to find out what to sell and how to sell it most profitably. Don’t give up on yourself.
  • It could be a better idea to hire friends-employees who have classmates in different classes and will sell at places other than your own. You will be able to benefit from the entire school as a result of this.


Generally, schools have a wide variety of items they can sell. If you’ve decided to sell things at school, you’re likely correct. There are several profitable ways to sell at school . But you’ll also need to check with the school to see whether selling is permitted. If you have a proper business setup, you will be allowed.

It would be great to focus on setting some goals for the business to develop and sell. Check to see whether you’re getting repeat business and referrals. Organic growth is the best approach for a business to grow. If you perform a great job inside the boundaries of a school, information will go around quickly, and people will want more from you.

In this article, we’ve highlighted several cool things to sell at school to make money quickly. Go over the complete guide, learn and observe what will work best for your business, and market accordingly.


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