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6 Important Lyft Safety Tips for Riders and How To Use Them

Have you ever been concerned when entering a car or vehicle that you know nothing about? These drivers are strangers to you, but you still use their service, and sometimes you don’t feel comfortable, but with the ride-share era, it’s important to take precautions.  Since there are Lyft Safety Tips available, always use them.

You need to know how to be safe when using these ride-shares as safety is of utmost importance in our daily life. With the advancement of technology, things are easy to use, but precautions must be taken when using them.

I lived in a city (Austin, TX) were riding the bus is time-consuming, so I often move around with Lyft if I don’t want to drive. Lyft is what I use a lot of the time for my son’s hospital appointment and other errant. I take so many safety measures to ensure I am safe when driving with a stranger.

One of the things that I appreciate about Lyft is the variety of safety features and tools to ensure customers are safe. These Lyft Safety Tips are essential for women, young adults, solo riders, and everyone using Lyft. 

So I will be outlining the measure you can use to so how you can stay safe when using Lyft. 


Check the License Plate

As soon as the driver accepts your ride request, the driver’s information will be made available to you in the app. Always crossed the license plate number of the vehicle before entering the car. It’s one obvious thing to check out once the car arrives at your pickup location.

There have been many instances when a vehicle’s license plate doesn’t match what’s in the app. Please don’t rush into the car without verifying the plate number; it is my number one safety measure before taking a shared ride. I ensure I checked the number even before the driver park up the car.

Check the make and model of the car 

Check that the make, model, color, and all match. Beyond ensuring general safety, the measure is also helpful since many similar vehicles are out completing rides. If the car’s make and model that arrives to pick you up are different from the one you’re shown in the app, don’t get in. 

Check the driver’s photo 

I really like using Lyft because they include driver-riders photos so you can make sure the person whose car you’re entering is the right person. Make sure their personal appearance matches their profile photo. Check the driver’s photo and also ask their name before entering the car.

Make sure the ride is for you 

Lyft Safety Tips

Another Lyft Safety Tips, in addition to checking the license plate, make & model, and confirming the driver’s identity, make sure the ride is actually for you. If the driver doesn’t confirm your own name, ask the driver who they’re here to pick up so you can confirm it’s the right person. Your neighbor might have called Lyft as well; confirming the ride will help you by asking the driver your name or his name will be very helpful.

Do not share personal information.

Never share personal information with your Lyft driver on your trip. If you need to communicate with the Uber or Lyft driver, you can do so via the app. Avoid giving out your contact information, social media handles, or last name.

Remember that there is no reason to give your driver a direct payment or cash payment. If you’re on the way home, you can drop a few blocks away from your apartment that doesn’t give the driver your apartment number.  I do this by always ensuring that the driver leaves before going into my apartment. 

Use trip-sharing features

Lyft 1

Lyft has in-app trip-sharing features that allow you to share live updates on your trip with trusted family and friends. With the Lyft Safety Tips, Lyft users can tap the “Send ETA” icon on the bottom bar, which will send a text message to family or friends with a link to their current route and location. You can also check out your driver’s route in your app to see how you’re getting to your destination.


There are several risks involve when taking ridesharing, which includes fake drivers posing as Lyft drivers to take advantage of passengers. Even some that pass Lyft background and criminal checks sometimes have evil intent. 

When taking Lyft, safety should be a paramount priority; if you have felt any discomfort or sense something fishy, don’t get in the car. If it doesn’t feel right, change where you’re going or tell the driver that you’ve changed your mind, and he or she will stop the right. And if you are already in the car but sense any danger, use the Lyft Safety Tips or call the emergency authority. 

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  1. Carlyn/Treasure says:

    These are great tips, especially since Lyft & Uber are so popular these days!

    1. You are totally right, they are so popular these days… Thank you for stopping by.

  2. These are indeed super important tips to follow! I always feel a bit uneasy getting into a stranger’s car so I will def follow your guide. Safety first!

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