10 Easy Habits To Help You Live A Better Life

10 Easy Habits To Help You Live A Better Life

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Living a better life doesn’t have to be hard; instead, it should be flexible and enjoyable. Living better typically comes down to the little things we do every day.  To live a better life, you need to have a routine that you follow daily or weekly. You can also follow some self-improvement and personal development ideas that will work for you. 

Our habits, routines, and daily actions heavily influence the outcomes of our lives. They decide whether our lives are adventurous, joyful rides, or devilish nightmares.  With this realization comes a lot of responsibility and the empowering opportunity to affect positive change in our lives.

According to Aristotle “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit. “

I will be outlining some easy habits you can daily to improve and better your life. I am saying that you try these or a few of these activities and see how they will help you live a better life. They will improve your creativity and age better, make you happier. These habits will help you on how to live a better life.

What should I do to have a better life?

Wake up Early
Say a Word of Prayer
Make your bed in the morning
Have a plan for your day
Spend less time on the Internet / social media
Have some quiet time daily
Try something new
Drink a lot of water
Prepare your items for the next day
Stay motivated

Without further ado, here are the 10 easy habits to help you live a better life! 

1. Wake Up Early

There is power in waking up early in the morning; you get to do many things before the day goes by. Whenever I wake up very early, my level of efficiency and productivity becomes very high.

Additionally, this helps reduce my stress level, as I get to do everything on time and move to the next task. Waking up early will help you get things done without rushing in the morning and check out the news to see what is happening worldwide.

Moreso,  it’s essential to wake up earlier and use the first couple of hours to take control of your state of mind and your body. 

You get the take your time and eat breakfast at home and tidy your home before leaving for work. 

2. Say A Word Of Prayer 

Say a word of Prayer

Saying a word of prayer in the morning is necessary for the hustle of life. You have to be thankful for life and pray for the day. As a Christian, the first thing I do in the morning is to say a thank you prayer. This keeps me at peace all day and makes my day go smoothly. 

You can go ahead and read a bible verse and then concluded your prayers. Having a devotional really helps with this as it outlines what to read and even gives you a prayer point. I believe, Prayer is the key; prayer is the master key. Start your day right, and you will live a better life. 

3. Make Your Bed In The Morning

Make Your Bed In The Morning

The way your bed look tells a lot about you. I know people will not always see the inside of your bedroom, but hey, you are not doing it for people to see; you are doing it for yourself. 

There is this good feeling about having a clean bedroom and sheet when leaving the house in the morning because you get to meet a clean bedroom when you return.  So, try and make your bed every morning before starting your day, it will make you feel better, and you will start your day right. 

4. Have A Plan For The Day

Have a Plan and Live A Better Life

A life without a plan is like a life without direction. Planning your day helps you to be organized and allows things to flow better. Creating a plan also helps you to track your day’s activities. This means you know exactly what activity you’ll do when from the moment you wake up. You get to know what you have accomplished and what needs to be done. 

You might not 100% follow the plan as the day goes or due to circumstance, but at least you have a plan and know what to do next. Use either the paper method to create one or an electronics method using a computer, phone, or tablet.  It’s also hard to be productive when you don’t have your day planned out.

Remember, implementation is what matters, but this depends solely on your ability to plan and follow through on that plan.

5. Spend Less Time on Social Media / Internet 

Spend Less Time on Social Media / Internet

With the advancement of technology this day, people tend to spend more time on social media than real people. Social media has taken over the world, and people tend to use it for different things. Social media and the internet have made so many people rich but let’s not forget that it has made some useful.

People spend hours on social media without doing anything. Spend less time on social media, and you will see the result you get daily. If you have something important to do, I will advise you to get rid of or delete the apps and focus on your business. Use social media in your spare time when you are not using it for business.

6. Have some quiet time daily

This world is so noisy that people forget to quiet time alone. There are so many distractions around us, and we tend to follow the music as it plays. Take a few minutes each day to have a quiet time and concentrate on yourself.

Furthermore, quiet time will help you think of new ideas and get to know yourself better. Use this time to be creative and look deep into things that are not working out; you will quickly figure them out. I like doing this at night after my baby has gone to bed, which helps me a lot. 

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7. Try Something New

Do you sometimes get tired of doing the same thing over and over again?  Try something new once in a while will help in so many ways. It will help increase your confidence and productivity and offer so many benefits. 

It will open new opportunities and open new doors for you. You can take up a new career, visit a new environment, learn a new skill, or write a book. Whatever the case may be, take up some new to do once in a while. Take up new challenges and do something you have never done before. 

8. Drink A Lot Of  Water

Drink Water

As the saying goes, health is wealth. We need to be healthy to look for wealth, and one of the easiest ways to that is to drink a lot of water. Do you know how much water you drink daily? Drinking a lot of water comes with so many benefits: it helps to nourish our body. Additionally, it gives us the energy to stay hydrated all day and keep us going. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day; it will help you live a better life.  I personally try to drink a lot of water all day long. 

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9. Prepare Your Items For The Next Day

Are you among the people who wait till the last minute to get things ready? Do you wait till the next morning before looking for what to wear to work?  What food to take for lunch? Getting everything ready the previous day or night will help you to start your day fast and easy. Plan for the clothes you will wear, food for the kids, and other things that need to be done. 

10. Stay Motivated all the Time 

Motivation goes a long way in the way we live our lives. If you are always demoralized or not motivated to do things, you will not get things done.  We need to stay motivated in life whatever happens, and I tell you, things will happen so fast and right too. 

Always be extremely optimistic and be committed to the end goal. Surround yourself with like-minded people and establish a personal reward system that will help you appreciate yourself. Staying motivated in life is incredibly important as it will help you organize your thoughts and live a better life.

Take some time to reflect positively on how far you’ve come, and think about where you want to be. You can write down the steps you need to take and go for it.

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Final Word

Take your time and try these easy tips to live and develop a better living and a better life. With these habits, you take control of your life and get things done on time and efficiently. Implementing these habits in your life will help you live better, feel better, and become better every day.  Make these small changes in your life and see results pulling out overnight.

These habits will make you be healthier and happier and live a better life. 

What are you doing to live a better life?

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